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With a passion for Hospitality, Jacky and Riejean strive to create designs that are unobtrusive but individual. Each hotel guest, whether a business traveller or a classical tourist, must feel the attention of the hotel, as though the design was made specifically for them.

We start by analyzing the audience. Who will stay in our hotel? It is these people - the clients - that will finally evaluate the results of our work. The history of the place, creating and embracing a sense of locality. A hotel in Lagos, or a hotel in Johannesburg cannot be taken out of the context of their geographical and historical specifics. They have to be and must be different - even if exactly the same type of travellers will stay there. This for us is crucial.

After a careful study and understanding of the public and the location, we define the idea of the new project for ourselves, depending on the client’s brief, while time frames and budget determine the specific tasks: what must be done to make the project work. We start seeking specific solutions which need to comply with the functional tasks: ergonomic effectiveness, navigation, logistics, lighting, materials tactile features - which all form the demanding high quality of our interiors. Everything in the hotel needs to be comfortable and user-friendly for the guests. They need to be able to unwind, even if they have business meetings.

After solving the functionality, we come to the design itself. The materials that we work with, objèts d’art, juxtaposed combinations - everything should create the mood for guests in harmonious combination with the geography and history of the location. Intimate and intricate layering - creating pockets of interests.

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THE TEAM who we are

Listening is a skill. We are passionate about our work and exceeding client expectations. We strife to deliver work of the highest standard and to create interiors that are truly unique, bespoke and timeless.

jacky & riejean

Jacky Greig

Jacky’s spunky personality, creative genius and drive for excellence are a potent combo. She is committed to working closely with each client through the design process and consistently delivers beautiful, invigorating interiors. She has been working in the interior design industry for nearly 20 years and her immense experience is evident in the quality of work she produces for Skapari’s clients.

Jacky’s designs are inspired by the intersection of lives and worlds that happens in multi-person spaces. Hotels offer opportunity, excitement, refuge and luxury for their guests, and the creativity and artistry Jacky brings to her work reflect these different roles a space can play in people’s stories.

Riejean Joubert

Riejean has a natural ability to bring her visions to life and to create spaces and designs that surpass expectations by finding the perfect balance in the care that she takes with clients to listen and to understand.

She is committed to not only delivering incredible designs but is absolutely meticulous about achieving perfection. Riejean has been passionately involved in the hospitality design industry for over 20 years.

Riejean believes that design must be pure and not overworked, with simplicity and elegance. Design must be imbued to reflect the richness of its location. Spaces must flow and work and talk to one another, spaces create an opportunity for discovery and immersion.


Neels brings to the Skapari Team a wealth of on hands on knowledge and incredible technical skills that truly drive and assist the Team is creating finished and refined interiors that have been carefully thought through and finished.

14 years of on site building and development of spaces both in the Commercial and Hospitality fields, give Neels the confidence and knowledge to bring the design to life and also enable Neels to make the necessary onsite decisions to keep the project on track. An incredible addition to Neels Technical know-how is his exposure and experience with Acoustics.

With more than 6 years’ experience in Acoustic assessments, site establishment and site-specific detailed reporting, solution and treatment installations and supplying continuous technical support. Neels has gained invaluable, practical knowledge in applicable measurement instrumentation, acoustical calculations based on room perimeters and environmental influences in establishing findings to recommend corrective measures in existing structures.

Neels plays a vital role in the roll out and coordination of the Skapari Team. Coordinating from the concept to final handover not only of the internal team and our deliverables with Skapari but also dovetailing that into overall Project Programs and Milestones so that we as a Team are able to meet client expectations.

FINE ARTcurated by us

Dale Sargent Fine Art is a gallery as well as an online platform that offers a range of fine South African art. We have an extensive collection of artworks by established South African artists as well as works by emerging younger artists. Dale Sargent Fine Art has a gallery space in Parktown North in Johannesburg where visits are by appointment. We also offer onsite consulting and art sourcing for corporate and private clients.

Skapari curated
Skapari curated

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